Betting Against The Odds

Audrey and Correy got married the same year they both graduated from college. Audrey had found a friend in her husband and that’s all she could ask for. She was grateful for everything. Things were going great between them and soon they became the parents of a beautiful daughter. They decided to name her Riley. Their cute little family was living the best life. 

New Job

It wasn’t until Corey got a job away from home when things got slightly off with them. Audrey was concerned it might not be the best idea for him to stay away from them for so long but at the same time, she knew it was an opportunity he cannot let go of. Audrey had always encouraged him to follow his dreams, and nothing had changed even now.

Making It Work

The couple promised each other that distance will not break them. They would always try to stay in touch and speak to each other every day. Audrey missed Corey terribly. She was so used to having him around that it never occurred to her how lonely it might get without him. But they were both trying to make it work and that’s what mattered. 

Chaotic Silence

Unfortunately, the phase of making things work didn’t last forever. More often than not, their phone calls would end with arguments. They both missed each other but didn’t know how to be in touch without fighting. There were good days too, but those were so rare they stopped making a difference. As a result, they would go by without talking to each other for weeks.

Long-Distance Relationship

Despite their best efforts to keep their relationship alive, Audrey and Corey were struggling to do the same. To avoid conflict or arguments they stopped talking regularly, which was not easy on the relationship. Distance and the stress of everyday struggles was slowly getting to them. Corey was gone more than he was around. And Audrey felt alone and frustrated with everything. 

The Difficult Decision

The couple finally concluded that their marriage is not going to work and made the difficult decision of parting ways. Corey was going to move out full time. While it was the best decision for them as a couple, they were worried about how it will affect their daughter. They decided to co-parent their daughter to the best of their ability.