What could you expect from a mother struggling to have control over her kid while shopping? It is really difficult for mothers to babysit and shop at the same time since a mother faces a lot of difficulties in handling both the works simultaneously. Think of a mother who is technologically challenged, handling not two but nine kids and dealing with all new methods of shopping. She’s already in too much pressure and what if she hears people making opinions about her? Judging her for her abilities and being mocked? She would feel disheartened and her confidence would face a sheer downfall.

A New Morning

It was a Monday morning when Lindsay Rae decided to go and shop for the groceries. This was something unusual as she preferred online shopping over conventional methods of shopping. She was a technology enthusiast and was an active user of social media.

The Drive

She hurried towards her car so that her plan does not get changed. She drove down the town to reach Walmart. She canceled all her other plans and gathered all her energy to make up her mind to go for a conventional method of shopping. She put the key, turned it on and accelerated to cover the distance stretching towards Walmart.

For A Change

Lindsay followed a packed schedule and had no time for hanging out with friends. Along with her professional life, she successfully managed her personal life as well. For a change, she went out of her comfort. To her luck, on the way, she did not encounter heavy traffic which she usually gets to see almost every day.

The Buzzing Mart

The mart was full of people and the parking area was almost gone. She was fortunate enough to get vacant parking. She parked her car and hurried towards the entrance of Walmart. She could hardly see through people hence, she waited near the checkout area and that area was also buzzing with people.


While she was having her time run, she heard one couple laughing loudly. She first thought not to pay attention, but the couple was audible and too loud that she got distracted. She freed herself from her abstract thoughts and focused on what the couple was saying. She did not struggle a bit with hearing them since they were loud enough to be audible.


Lindsay could not take the comments that she got to hear about a third person. Though she had no connections with the person who was the matter of the talk, she was emphatic to that person and devised a plan to knock down the couple for their badmouthing.