John Hay had no reason to be scared. Why? Because this multimillionaire had made an herbal blend business from scratch, which is thriving till today. It turns out, even rich folks find trouble at times too. He struck gold during the Cold War, under the presidency of Ronald Reagan. Because he feared that the end was nearing, John ended up constructing a remarkable site…

Having It All

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John Hay was a man who basically had anything a man could ever want. Just like Coca-Cola, Hay lived a glorious life, with his million-dollar company Celestial Seasonings, selling approximately $100,000,000 worth of herbal teas each year. He had other business ventures too. Hay had a knack for entrepreneurship.

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However, there was a reason why this millionaire businessman would stay awake all night. He had this constant fear, a feeling that he had to run far away so that nothing would catch hold of him. Hay was a busy man who was running a successful business but would occasionally catch himself feeling so afraid. He needed to act really soon.

The Cold War

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This was back in the year 1983 when Ronald Reagan was the president of America. There was a clash of power between the U.S. and Soviet leaders. This fell during the conservative president’s leadership. John Hay had this growing concern that there was going to be something tragic happening. Both sides were capable of monstrous disaster.

An End?

Berlin wall, protestHe was not just concerned about his business. Hay had already made a lot of money after he sold a Colorado ranch to Phillips Petroleum for twice the amount he bought it for. He feared for his personal safety, actually. Everything that was happening showed signs that a nuclear holocaust was coming…

‘The Day After’

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One day, John Hay was among millions of Americans tuned in to ABC’s nuclear annihilation film ‘The Day After’. Fear was instilled in him, that a nuclear war would eradicate him and all that he was. Since he heard about the United States and the Soviet Union both stockpiling weapons and getting troops from across the globe, his fear grew. He relied on the American government until a friend informed him about something…

The Final Straw

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Not only did ‘The Day After’ scare John Hay, but his friend also gave him another news that would send him over the edge. This was no ordinary friend. He was someone, working under the U.S. government. A source had informed him that the Soviet military had a plan to overthrow the government,  which would lead to disaster. Hay needed to act fast.