Sea coasts see a lot of strange objects washing across the shore. Sometimes it is a boat or a ship the crew of which needs rescuing or help and that is what the coast guard thought when a strange looking boat washed up on the shore of Ireland. The authorities ran to help only to find that no one was inside that strange looking object. A look inside and putting together of clues led to the solving of a bizarre mystery.

A Mysterious Object


It was not a sunny happy day but not unlike other gloomy days either in Ireland in 2016. The coast was misty but the fishermen were going about their work as usual and coast guards were on the lookout for some trouble and go to immediate help if possible. As it turned out, something did need their attention.

From Far

It did not seem like a boat or a ship, an inexplicable object was floating off the Irish coast quite aimlessly, without any objective. It was hard to make out what it was and who was controlling it. As per the rules, the authorities were contacted to look into the matter. After all, it could have been a security breach.

Collision Course


The large albeit strange object was headed for the rocky eastern Irish coastline. It was on a collision course. As it came closer to the sight, people, who had gathered by now hearing of the strange object floating, figured that it must a vessel of some sort, like a boat. It was moving on the will of the waves, whoever was guiding it was not doing a good job. But people were about to make a strange discovery.

Taking Action 

A crowd had gathered by now and they all were unanimously of the opinion that if the vessel was not rescued, sooner or later it would crash into the rocky coastline. It could be a possibility that people on the vessel were in trouble and if it were to crash their situation would only get more distressing. So the people decided to do the right thing.

Rescue Attempt

Mystery Boat

Calling the coast guards and the authorities seemed like the best thing to do. When the coastguard came, he, without giving a second thought to what this strange looking vessel could be, sprang to action. He was only concerned about the people on board and hoped they were not in danger.

Getting Closer

As the distance between the rescue team and the vessel started decreasing, things only became odder. The ship did not resemble any ship that anyone had seen before. It did not look like a water vessel at all but more like a caravan. They did not have time to dwell on the strangeness of design, so the boarded the ship only to find something stranger.