In the world, the diseases related to the knee are increasing day by day with almost every second person grappling with them and in the medical world, Knee arthroscopy is on demand owing to its unique way of tackling knee problems. Along with that, there are many other unique features that make it stand out from other knee surgeries.


An arthroscope is a tool used by surgeons for correcting problems in joint. It has a camera in it that helps surgeons to examine the damages done inside the joint. What makes it more preferable is that it is lesser invasive than any other surgeries i.e. it needs only a tiny cut on the skin to fit inside. 


Not only it is less invasive, it is also time-saving. Surgeons recommend knee arthroscopy over any other surgery because it does not take much time for recovery. To put it more clearly, the tenure of the recovery is even less than an hour. Along with that, the chances of complications are nil what more can you expect? Well, there is actually more that you can expect.

Uses And Benefits

The process of inserting camera is quite easy which begins with surgeons making a small cut in the skin in order to inject a thin tube. The tube is coupled with a fiber-optic video camera that enables doctors to see inside the affected part with the help of high-definition video monitor. 

 Number Of Diseases

Knee arthroscopy is beneficial in multiple ways. It helps surgeons to detect any knee problem in comparatively shorter time and does not require a complicated process. damaged cartilage, a buildup of fluid, constant joint pain and hardness, floating tiny pieces of bone or cartilage.  

Less Tissue Damage

Arthroscopy guarantees less tissue damage. As explained earlier a small cut on the skin is enough to get the camera inside. It covers a very small area unlike other surgeries cut opens the whole part in order to get the surgery performed.   

A Faster Healing Time

Well, usually surgeries take days to get healed but in arthroscope, the recovery time does not exceed over an hour. Along with that, the pain is lesser post surgery. No doubt, it is a revolutionary step in medical science and will go a long way.