Fewer Stitches

As the cut is not a big one, therefore, stitches to close the incision are fewer. Which means the patients does not have to go through excruciating pain while getting it closed. Another positive point coming out of it is that one does not get a long stitches mark and when they are taken out it does not hurt much.

A Lower Risk Of Infection

Because the incision is small, the risk of infection slashes by a great number. In fact, very few patients have contracted an infection after the arthroscopic surgery. The surgery is not only convenient for the surgeon and patient both but also a healthy one.  

How To Prepare

There are few conditions to be followed before surgery. Those conditions are suggested by doctors and include exercises. One more thing that patients need to keep in mind is that they should discuss over-the-counter (OTC) medications or any prescription they are taking to their doctor. Chances are that the doctor would stop you from consuming them. 

Quit Eating

Some patients are suggested to quit eating 12 hours before the surgery.Some doctors go for pain medication even before the surgery take place that should be filled before the surgery day. One needs to take all the information about what can they consume and what not before the surgery and even after that. 


Knee arthroscopy surgery The procedure starts with the doctor using anesthesia. Anesthesia is done to numb the pain that occurs during the surgery. However, it has different types that heavily depends on the length of arthroscopy. For instance, a doctor would prefer stabbing a local anesthetic to insensate only the knee. In case both of the knees requires treatment then the doctor would go for a regional anesthetic that would make a person go numb below the waist. The third option is general anesthetic that is used very rarely. In it during the process the patient is asleep and in case if he/she is awake they can watch the procedure taking place in the monitor.   

Expansion Of Knee

Surgeons inflict few cuts on the patient’s skin and then push saline solution inside. The solution helps in expanding the knee that resultantly assists doctors to have a good look at what is going on inside. After the expansion, the surgeons get the arthroscope inside. The camera attached to it enables doctors to look inside the knee and figure out the problem.