We all know that the world we live in is not perfect. In fact, it is filled with people that do not mind spending the majority of their times causing problems. There are so many people who plan on disrupting other people’s lives or ruin somebody else’s peace. We are living with humans that spend their time planning trouble for everyone around them. Not even people like this little 13-year-old kid who is busy trying to earn money is being spared by cruel people…

Making A 911 Call

As this young boy was just trying to make a dollar, he had an encounter with people who were not as kind as some. They were causing a problem and so the only sensible thing for this kid to do was to call for help. And who better than the police to cry for help to? And so when the Minnesota police received a call, they knew how to react to a complaint that seemed a little odd…

Frustrated People

We know that life is not always rainbows and butterflies. We must live through the hard times to get to the good times. Not everyone is the same and unfortunately, there are so many people who do not mind causing issues for others. As we had mentioned earlier, the world is laden with ferocious people who do not feel bad about causing trouble at every location they find themselves in.

The Beginning Of It All

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There are so many crimes and nuisances that have been direct results of people’s wrongdoings. These days, there is an overwhelming number of reports about people randomly making a call to the police and filing complaints about weird incidents just like the woman in the above picture had done. This is how everything took place, from the beginning‚Ķ

Jaequan Faulkner

Well like we said, this story involved a young kid and a call that was made to the police. This is Jaequan Faulkner. He is a boy, aged 13 and someone who decided that he was going to earn some money himself. He was the type of kid that did not want to ask his parents for money. He was someone who wished to do some work himself instead!

Passion Project

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He was a kid that was not comfortable with taking money from his parent’s pockets. He did not want to be the kind of son that was dependent on his parent’s money, even though he was barely a teenager yet. So he came up with a plan to make sure that he did not trouble his family for money. He was quite the innovative child that took his interest in food making to churn out some money.

Proud Of His Job

So what can a young boy his age do to earn some cash? After all, what can someone as young as 13 years do to get some money? His love for food was something that he knew had to be capitalized on. But he did not want to bother his relatives still. The boy decided to start a hotdog stand by himself each summer. After who lived in the area soon learned how sweet this boy was.