We all live lives that no one around is aware of. We all have secrets nobody knows of. But we cannot hide our secrets from everyone forever. Sooner or later, the truth does come out.

This is the story of Ruth Ratliff, a 70-year-old woman. She managed to keep a secret from everyone around her for 70 long years, but now it was time it got revealed. Her neighbor Kevin Burns started doubting Ruth when he noticed that she had stopped entering her own house. She was sleeping in her car for a very long time and her car was her little home.

The secret that Ruth had kept for 70 years and the reason why she had abandoned her own house will leave you wondering about what all a person is capable of doing. The strangest of reasons and the things that can scare you can be someone’s secret.

New Neighborhood

Kevin Burns and his wife shifted to Redding, California in 2018. The couple was very excited to start a new life in a new city. The Burns’ had been very helping people and were generous to everyone they met. Possibly one of the best kinds of humans that you would come across. 

Always Remembered

When the Burns left Ohio, all their neighbors were deeply saddened and did not want them to leave. The couple made everyone around them very happy and everyone enjoyed their company. But in Redding, things seemed to be different for the couple. 

Ruth Ratliff

70-year-old Ruth had been living in the house right next to the one that the Burns’ had just bought. Ratliff lost her husband two years ago and had been miserable after that. She had no one to take care of her in the time of need. The poor old woman was all alone. 


When Kevin and his wife came to know about Ruth, they decided to talk to her and be friends with her. The couple was ever ready to help people around them. And they would have been more than happy to give company to Ruth. But what Kevin was going to find out would leave him stunned. 

Something Strange

However, when Kevin was on his way to Ruth’s house, he noticed something strange. He saw that Ruth was not in the house, since the last night. She was asleep in her car which was parked right in front of her house. And after that Ruth started to notice that it was not just a one-day thing. 


Kevin noticed Ruth for days and that is when he realized that she had abandoned her house. She never went inside the house. Her car was her home for all hours of the day. But why would Ruth do that? Her house was right in front of her but she did not go inside. Why?