It All Started Back In The Year Of 1995

Miracles happen day by day, this story is definitely one that sticks out more than most. It is widely known that twins seem to share a unique connection to each other. This story is evidence proving that that connection is very real. It is so remarkable that you may even question because of the bond this set of twin babies share.
It All Began In 1995

The 90’s would be, in so many ways different to how we live at present. However, premature babies have and will always be given birth to. Kyrie and Brielle Jackson were twins that were born 12 weeks early in Worcestor, Massachusetts. After being born prematurely, they obviously needed medical assistance as they were weaker and tinier than ordinary babies. It would be such a hard first few weeks for the tiny twins, going through an experience that would be hard for even fully grown adults.

One Twin Came Out Perfectly Fine While The Other Showed Signs Of Complications

One Of The Twin Babies Had Been Doing Well, The Other Was Wasn't

Baby Kyrie did not show any signs of trouble at all. Although weighing a bit over two pounds, she ate well and gained weight rather quickly. Unfortunately, Brielle, on the other hand, showed signs of complications. She could not gain weight and also had breathing problems. Even though sometimes she was doing “okay,” her parents and her doctors were hoping she would make a turn for the better. There was a harsh reality check that came into play very soon though.

They Were Kept In Separate Incubators

Like Many Premature Babies, They Were In Incubators

The newborn twins were kept inside incubators like any other premature newborn would be kept in. They were both kept inside two separate incubators and spent most of their time away from each other. Even when they are older, most twins prefer staying close to their other twins. As hard as it was to remain positive, the Jacksons knew that they had to, even if the unthinkable were to happen. You would not believe what happens next.

Their Dad Tried His Best To Be Optimistic

Their Father Was Trying To Remain Optimistic

Everything was going smoothly as they were kept there for about two weeks. As each day passed, Paul Jackson, and his wife thought they were close to bringing their girls home. “The nurses in the NICU were very honest. And they told me up front that ‘things look pretty good now, but, to be honest with you, over the next 48 to 72 hours, things could turn very quickly,'” said Brielle and Kyrie’s dad, Paul Jackson. They were in utter shock after this happened.

Their Whole World Turned Upside Down When This HappenedEverything Changed In A Matter of Seconds

There was so much happening so very quickly as they even had to labor Brielle’s breathing. Soon after, even her heart rate rose high and her little heart was beating much too rapid for a baby. Even her oxygen level was dropping at a rapid pace causing her parents to freak out a bit.

Their Struggle To Survive Was Unbearable


At times like this, all we can ever do is pray and hope for miracles. Seeing their child struggle to stay alive, made the Jacksons feel completely helpless. Sadly it only got worse for them. Brielle began to turn blue following the drop in her oxygen level. This clearly does not look good, especially because it is a baby that is in the midst of it all.