Getting Curious

Even though this old guy was glad to have been able to find a seat in the crowded train, he could not help but get distracted by what he saw. The old man grew even more curious after seeing her look so tired. And so he wanted to know what the young woman’s deal was. It was all too strange to see her behave like that…

The Question

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After paying attention for a while, the old guy mustered up the courage to talk to her. He had to ask, “Miss, it is a suffering to stand on a moving train, you should have entered the train earlier like me and get a seat. When will the train arrive at your destination?” When the woman was questioned, she gave a response.

Giving An Answer

So when the old man got too curious and could not resist asking what the matter was with the young lady, he waited for her response. The young woman then took one look down at the elderly guy who was sitting and assured him that she was okay. She then revealed that it would take about a day and a half to reach the place she needed to go to.

Another Question

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So when she told him this, the old man got very shocked. Her response was indeed shocking because though she looked sick, she claimed she was fine. And also the old man found it unbelievable to learn that she had to keep standing for so long. He then needed to ask one more question. Would she make it?

Making It

So when he asked the woman once again if she would be able to make it till her destination, she gave a response. The young lady then gave a reassuring answer, telling the elderly man that she would be fine, that she could reach her destination safely. She did not want to show that she was struggling so much.

Something Sweet

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And so, when the old man asked her, she did not want to trouble him, so she explained that she was doing okay. But just by looking as her, the old man was convinced that she was struggling. It was quite clear that this young woman was trying to stay strong. Then the old guy decided to do something sweet.