A Little Surprising

So when the conductor saw the ticket that the young tired lady was holding, he was scratching his head, looking at her puzzled. In the train that was full of people standing, why was she standing too? He asked to see her tickets again and asked one question. “Miss, isn’t this your seat? Why are you standing?”

Her Explanation

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When the conductor wanted to know why she was standing there, she gave him an answer. The young woman gestured towards the elderly man who was napping and then explained, “He’s a 70-year-old man with walking disability. It would be hard for him to stand and the journey is going to be arduous for him.”

An Astonishment

It turns out, the woman knew that this was her seat all along but did not have the heart to tell the elderly man that he had taken it. She thought he would be more in need of it than her. And upon hearing this, the train conductor shockingly responded, “You did not tell him this was your seat? He didn’t know about it?!”

Not In Her Heart

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So what was the reason for her not asking him to get up so that she could take her rightful seat? Well, the young lady gave a big smile and gave the conductor her explanation. To him, this was such a  shocking act as most people hurriedly get to their seats so that no one sits on them. She could not find it in her heart to ask him to move.

Being Selfless

After seeing how happy he was being able to sit in what he thought was an empty, unassigned chair, the young woman was touched. She could immediately tell that it had been a long time since the guy had sat on a public train. So the young lady simply did not wish for her seat to be returned to her.

Not Revealing

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Since the conductor was so confused, she knew she had to explain once more. She then revealed how she felt that time she saw him happily sitting, “I did not have the heart to tell him. If he knew that was my seat, he would stand up and return it to me.” She was indeed a selfless human being for giving up her seat.