In almost all the movies where parents leave their children alone at home, a house-party is hosted by the children. The Home Alone movie series has been another big example of what all can happen if a child is left on his own.

But in South Carolina, when Mr. and Mrs. Schoonover left their four daughters at home for one week and went on a vacation alone, they had no idea as to what were they going to come back home to.

It is a story like no other, with a plan that no other group of siblings would have thought of.

The Schoonovers

Residing in South Carolina, Karen and Chip Schoonover have a very loving and blessed family with four daughters. They had a cozy little house near North Myrtle Beach and all of them had been living together under the same roof. 

The Daughters

Chip and Karen had decided that they would name each of their daughters starting with the letter ‘H’. Heather is the eldest daughter of the couple, Hollie being the second eldest, then Halice and Haley. The girls had been desperately waiting for their parents to go on a vacation so that they could start working on their plan, which was an unimaginable one. 


Even though the Schoonovers lived near the North Myrtle Beach, which has been an ultimate holiday spot for tourists, the family always planned vacations to other places. They always liked getting some time away from the usual life every now and then. 

Parents Only

This time though, the daughters decided that they would only send their parents for the vacation because they had made an altogether different plan for themselves. Karen and Chip had always thought that they have a very special bond with their daughters and they shared everything with each other, but they were soon going to realize it was all wrong.


Karen and Chip had agreed upon going on a vacation alone because they had thought that the daughters were now grown up and responsible enough to take care of the house and handle the responsibilities for one week. But they were soon going to see the unimaginable after returning from their vacation. 

The Mastermind

The sisters had agreed upon a plan which was going to change everything. And the person to have devised this plan was Hollie, the second elder sister of the four. She had convinced all the other sisters to be a part of this life-changing-plan.