Good Neighborhood

According to Shane’s mother, the society where they were living was one of the safest places in the city for families with kids. That’s why she felt safe while leaving Shane home that day but little did she know that behind her back her kid is going to fall in the scariest scenario. The society location wasn’t all his mother was sure about…

Taking Care Of Errands

The neighbors have always been nice to the family. Everyone used to watch out for each other in times of needs and celebrate festivals and weekends together. Shane was everyone’s favorite in the area. He and his Baby Girl were always seen taking walks in the place and chit-chatting with neighbors. Baby Girl has always been extra affectionate towards kids and nobody scared of the little young pit bull.

An Hour Passed

It was an hour since Shane’s mother left home. So far, everything felt as usual Shane had his lunch that was prepared by his mother before time. He even fed Baby Girl and both sat on the couch, one watching TV another one playing with a plastic toy. Time was passing by and it was almost time for his mom to return.  

Dangling Keys

While watching TV Shane heard a strange noise at the front door. It was the noise of a bunch of keys dangling. Shane thought it was his mother and younger sibling at the door but that wasn’t it. The nine-year-old had no idea about what actually was going on… Who could it be? A neighbor? Or someone dangerous? A burglar?

Could He Be Dangerous?

No doubt the locality was same but evil-minded people can jump right in from anywhere. So, was it a burglar who was keeping an eye on the houses, waiting for a chance to break in? Newspapers and social media platforms are always overloaded with police chasing burglars. For a matter of fact, they always try to jump into a decent looking location to get earn more profit. A normal looking day was about turn into a terrible one.


Shane and his mother were unaware that his life is at risk. The truth was that a stranger was trying to unlock the door and with no good intentions. First of all, he was a burglar and secondly, he was no ordinary burglar and you’ll know it soon too.