Broad Daylight

This intruder was much more dangerous as he was trying to break into the house in the morning time. Which showed that he was quite confident about what he was going to do next. Also, he wasn’t scared at all as somewhere he might have known that Shane was all by himself and he could easily get the opportunity that he was looking for.


After a moment of trying to open the door, the burglar finally succeeded in his initial attempts to open the door. Within two minutes the stranger guy got inside the house. Shane still went on ignoring the door opening sound and continued watching his favorite TV show. Completely unaware of who was coming for him.

Shane Ran

As the burglar entered the house and Shane noticed it wasn’t his mother but someone with a ski mask walking towards him. The nine-year-old was scared to death and didn’t know anything but to run from this man. But where? The guy was standing right in the way to the main door!

Looking For What?

What was this burglar looking for? Money? Jewels? Or something more precious? Was he just a burglar or was he also a kidnapper? What is being said here, is all on the basis of the facts. That stranger was not there for the money but he was behind the kid. The scared kid too realized this.


Sadly, this man was experienced and he didn’t let anyone doubt him. The reason why we are able to tell you so many details is that Shane’s mother preinstalled CCTV cameras in her home. All that went on inside that house was getting recorded. The guy didn’t even look at anything else but followed Shane.

Dangerous Hide And Seek

While Shane ran upstairs and hid in his room inside his cupboard, the man was looking for him one by one in every corner of the house. Shane’s heart was beating faster than ever before. He wanted his mom to come and rescue him from this man. The kid didn’t have any alternative either.