If you think about pets, there is no denying that dogs are the most lovable ones! Their loyalty and warmth is something that separates them from other animals. There is, however, an unfortunate practice of purchasing their pups from dog breeders and pet shops instead of adopting them. You might think this is harmless, but there are several dog breeders who abandon and keep dogs under-maintained if they cannot sell them. This is the story of one such puppy who had one hell of a ride to get to where he is today…

What Is Dog Breeding?

If you do not know what dog breeders do, well allow us to explain. These people breed dogs solely for business purposes. The only reason why the keep dogs is for them to get profit from the puppies they produce. And dog breeds like pit bulls, bulldogs and Pomeranian can be very expensively priced. Therefore, when people get to know how costly they are, it becomes a trend to breed them…

An Unfortunate Fate

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And so, since these breeders do not really have a love or care for the dogs they breed, what happens if the business goes down? Well, that is the unfortunate part. You see, some puppies who do not sell and do not attract customers are left with a very sad treatment. They usually get abandoned or are left at shelters. And one of these abandoned dogs was this cute furball…

Quite Big

So when dog breeders who are not necessarily dog lovers cannot sell their puppies, they end up leaving them anywhere they can. If a puppy cannot be sold, dog breeders usually opt for a shelter or they just leave them on the street. The lovable pup here is called Jasper and although you can see that he is so cute, no one wanted to buy him. Because he was too big, nobody wanted to buy Jasper!

Breeder Realizes

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So because of his size, there was no one who was interested in buying the poor dog. And after seeing how cute the dog is, it is a little strange, right? How can a dog this adorable even be ignored?  And so after realizing that, due to his size, Jasper would not be easily sold, the owner made a decision regarding the little puppy that was truly unconscionable.

An Abandoned Pup

So since the dog breeder who owned Jasper was not a lover of animals, and not really a fan of dogs, he made sure he did not have to deal with him any longer. After finding difficulty to sell the poor dog, Jaspers’s owner wanted nothing to do with him. And so, in the end, poor Jasper was left abandoned at a random shelter where he certainly did not get good care.

Finding Him A Home

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So when he was abandoned by his owner, he found himself in an unfamiliar place where he could not find love and affection. And due to the fact that he was a little bigger than the average Pomeranian dog, the staff at the shelter wanted to include him on the site, “Petfinder” in the hopes that the dog would end up in a forever home. Did Jasper get lucky?