There is a viral video featuring a woman and her daughter’s teacher became viral after touching everyone who has ever watched it. The mother receives a huge surprise from her daughter’s teacher. She was given a beautiful present that had been kept inside a box. There is much more to this story than meets the eye. It was a rather strange coincidence that also involved saving a little girl’s life. The details of this story are one that will melt your heart…

Incredible News

In this world that we live in, social media had become somewhat of a necessity that everyone makes use of. We can do so much nowadays and the world has indeed grown smaller and in a way closer, thanks to the advent of the internet. There was something that Dena Carreyn shared on Facebook, a video that documented how Beth Battista had given her a splendid news.

Not Aware

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This was all the more special because of the fact that this was a surprise to Carreyn. That day, she went to school not expecting it to be a memorable day. She was there for a whole other reason and she was completely taken aback by what the day unfolded. The video that was posted had been recorded without Carreyn’s knowledge. She had other reasons for showing up to her daughter’s school that day…

The New Teacher

When Carreyn reached her daughter’s school, she was informed with some news. She had been told that her daughter will have a new teacher. She had been visiting her daughter’s school as she was an active parent that was very much involved in her kid’s schooling activities. She had been well acquainted with her daughter’s current teacher but now there would be another teacher taking over.

Arriving At School

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This was not really a new thing to the mother as she had met with a lot of teachers that have taught her kid. She explains to interviewers that ‘every time Lyla gets a new teacher, I have to train that person re: Lyla’s medical conditions, medications, etc. It’s a whole thing.’ And so, that day, Carreyn had arrived at the school for something else but was greeted with this news…

On Her Way

Carreyn was not the mother of an ordinary child. Her daughter was living with a complicated health condition. Because of this reason, she had to be very hands-on with how her child was treated at school. So the mom arrived at the school and there were two teachers waiting for her. They had informed Carreyn that the new teacher would be there really soon.

A Present?

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So at the school, the two teachers and the mother were patiently waiting for the new teacher of her daughter to reach. So then, when Beth Battista finally arrived, they proceeded to give the mother a present. The mother was not expecting to get any of this information she was welcomed with the day. You will not be able to guess what the present that they gave her consisted of…