We all know by now that dogs are one of the most loyal pets anyone could ever ask for. Dog lovers would know how much they love their owners. If you have ever owned a dog, you would surely feel the unconditional love that they shower us with every day. Dogs do not care about superficial things like how much money we have, who we are friends with or what we look like. These are not the things they judge people by. Here we have a dog who takes friendship very seriously. She has proven this kind of unconditional loyalty that we are speaking about. If you are not aware of how faithful dogs can be as friends, this story will certainly educate you on this matter. She goes to show that dogs are not only loyal to their owners but also to their other furry friends as well.

Best Friends Forever

This inspirational story started off like any other adoption story- A man walks into an adoption center to get a dog and falls in love with one pup. This would be a typical adoption story, except it is not. The dog had a very strange demand that left everyone quite puzzled. So one fine day, a man decided to make his way to the Rocket Dog Rescue in San Francisco. His main reason was to look for a dog he would adopt for his own. As he was looking around, he saw one dog that he wanted to keep for himself. The man could not walk away from a particular dog, a three-year-old pit bull named Merrill. He had his eyes on her and he was not about to leave without taking her home with him. But then as he was about to go home with her, there was a problem. Merrill did not want to leave.

Taking Care Of The Unwanted

The big problem that the shelter faced was that Merrill did not want to leave the shelter without her best friend. The people working at the Rocket Dog Rescue had dedicated their time to help the areas around the shelter by rescuing abused and homeless dogs that are in grave need of love and affection. These workers have given much effort to make sure they save as many dogs as they can because the streets were starting to crowd with homeless dogs. Their next, and also equally important mission is for these dogs to get euthanized. The shelter has helped in saving many dogs that need to get saved from the harsh treatments of the streets. Back in they year 2014, the volunteers took in a sick pit bull and an older Chihuahua. They soon became very close to each other.

A Lasting Bond

So the two dogs grew closer and closer day by day. Everyone at the shelter was aware of the fact that Merrill and her eight-year-old Chihuahua friend Taco were the best of friends. They were actually brought to the Rocket Dog Rescue together during the same time. Where these dogs had resided in the past could not be found out by the volunteers. So where they came from remained a big mystery. It was, however, very heartwarming to see these two form a close bond as best friends. You could say that they were an inseparable pair. Just a few moments of being apart made either one cry. That was how much Merrill and Taco were fond of one another. The people at the shelter knew that they were both very dear to each other but what Merrill did surely surpass all their expectations of them as friends.

Surgery For Merrill

It is very sad to know that most of the dogs that have been rescued from the streets often face health problems. They mostly get skin infections or bruises from multiple factors. It is probably due to the fact that they do not get proper safety measures and safeguarding that they so desperately need. This was the exact case for poor Merrill. During the time she was saved by the volunteers working at the Rocket Dog Rescue shelter, Merrill was suffering from a terrible urinary tract infection. It was so bad that she actually needed surgery to help save her life. Taco remained very anxious and was clearly very worried about Merrill who was in surgery. As soon as the surgery was done, the volunteers were planning on keeping Merrill alone but then they were in for some trouble with this plan.

A Special Companion

Like we have mentioned earlier, these two dogs of different breeds (one pit bull and one chihuahua), cannot remain separated even for a few moments. They end up crying and desperately pleading for each other’s company. So when they tried to keep them apart from each other after Merrill’s surgery, the same thing happened once again. They both would not stop their whining, calling out to each other. In the end, Taco was ultimately kept in the recovery room with Merrill. Taco showed that her loyalty was not a joke was remained a helpful friend and moral supporter for Merrill while she was recovering. The volunteers were baffled by how much these dogs were showering each other with love and loyalty. They were also very anxious about how this bond would affect them later in the days to come.

They Needed All The Help They Could Get

And from what had happened in the past, the volunteers working at the shelter knew that dogs that had special bonds with one another were always harder to adopt because people did not want to adopt multiple dogs at one go. But then the shelter still tried their best to give these dogs a home where their new owners would give them love and affection. So the shelter enlisted both Taco and Merrill separately on their official website. Would this work?Because as we have already read above, these dogs are too bonded to ever get separated from each other. Also, the shelter had revealed that it is much harder for older dogs to get adopted. Hence there was no one who wanted to adopt Taco, but Merrill had a few offers.