We are talking about the king of the jungle today. Remember when we were kids? Lions were these monstrous, gigantic creatures we would never like to encounter. The day we saw these creatures for the first time in the circus, on the TV or our course books, or the zoo. By the way, did you enjoy being at the circus? Or you just didn’t support the idea of trapping the wildlife and forcefully training them for the sake of human entertainment? This is the heartwarming story of circus lions who learned to move on.


Sasha, Nena, and Kimba never had the wild and free type of life which they were born to live. This story grabbed the media’s attention on how amazing these creatures are and how keeping them in a captive environment affects their whole personality. Remember when the first time you walked on grass? Or your first favorite toy? How it made you feel happy? Think what it would be like if someone takes those moments away from you, wouldn’t that be awful?

Sasha, Nena, And Kimba

Lions Sasha, Nena, and Kimba lived a life full of struggles. They never saw the world out of the cages unless it was time for their performance. After all, that’s the life of most of the circus animals, surrounded by cages. How do you think wild animals can be trained? By using the weapon known as ‘pain’. That’s how they learn to jump or follow the rest of the commands during the circus shows. It has been a long time since they were living a life in captivity but were they used to it? No, if given a chance to live the normal life, animals will always take it.

No Way Out

Circo Navarro has been a popular company in Guatemalan circus for many decades. Sasha, Nena, and Kimba have been a part of this circus for more than 10 years and there was no way out for these lions. Their freedom moments were only when the lions used to face hundreds of people watching and applauding for them. Soon after their roles, they were hurried back in their cages. That was all the moments of joys for them. Rest of the days they used to lay in their cages with nothing to do.

So Far So Common

A circus earns more profit when lions or other wild cats are a part of it. Elephants and chimps add another bonus points to their profits. Most of these animals are born in the circus and have never seen the real world, their jungles, the place where they actually belong. These animals lives were about to change as a revolution was going on for a long time to save their lives and many others like them.

Poor Cats

Sasha, Nena, and Kimba are most probably siblings, the big cats had tough lives wherein their claws were removed so that they could be easily trained. The process is very painful as their toes are amputated from at first knuckle. It is not only painful but also causes permanent injury. Once they are harmless, they have to go through cruel training sessions to learn the circus tricks.

An Extended Debate

This debate has now been on for years. There are two types of people, one who enjoy circus and earn from this business, while others who work in favor of animals and support humanity. Previously, no one could even oppose the use of wildlife in the circuses but now they have rights to speak up for what they feel is right. The fate of all the wild animals trapped in the circus industry was about to change.