Falling in love with the right person fills your life with happiness and who could be more right to fall for than CATS. They are attention seekers, mysterious and yet the best companion you can have. Nicole Böhm, a German woman welcomed two felines in her life. Well, it wasn’t planned but as they say, the best thing that happens in one’s life is usually unplanned. It took a while for her to realize that the journey she had embarked on was nothing like ordinary. One of the tuxedo cats she had adopted was exceptional. The black cat was slowly changing into something different.

Love For All

Everyone deserves a good life, be it humans or animals. Many of us limit our care and kindness to humans only but then there are some who think about animals as well. It is unfortunate that we pay more heed to individuals who can speak their heart out and tend to forget those who can’t. Animals belong to that unfortunate category. 

Usual Sight

Not a single day goes by when we don’t see stray cats and dogs roaming on the street. They don’t have a home to live in. As if it isn’t worse many of them get brutally treated by children and adults. However, there are some who actually care about these voiceless creatures. Nicole is one of them. She has a special place for cats in her heart. 

Nicole Böhm

The woman is very warm and compassionate by nature. She is a working woman and lives with her sister. Though she doesn’t get much time due to her job in free time she often goes out and feeds the street animals. She also loves taking long walks.  

The Meeting

The woman while taking a walk on the street bumped into someone very special. It was a pleasant day and Nicole was constantly having this hunch that something amazing was going to happen with her. And that happened when she met these strangers. 

Purrfect Strangers

Nicole took a big decision when she decided to adopt two tuxedo cats after she spotted them on a farm. Well, it was a pair of black and white kittens. The newly borns were very dirty. They had been abandoned by their mother. It wasn’t safe to leave them alone on the farm.  

Adopting Them

She was the only person who could help them. After thinking a while she decided to adopt them. With a happy heart, she took them in. The woman had no idea her life was going to change. Little did she know at that time one of those cats was special.