Adorable Little Kittens

This is amazing! Nicole Böhm got her heart stolen by two kittens strolling on a dirty farm in Germany. She always wanted a cat and now nature had gifted her not one but two kittens. She picked them up to get them home. Well her sister was as thrilled on seeing them as Nicole was. After welcoming them into the family, Nicole gave the duo food to eat. 

Naming Them

Now it was time to name both the kittens. Nicole and her sister pondered a lot as they wanted to give them a perfect name. After giving it a lot of thought, the sisters settled on Elli and Rosie. Now those kittens had a family, house, and a name. Well, it calls for a happy ending but here the story had just begun.   

A New Home

Life would have meant a lot of struggle for these kittens had Nicole not picked them from the farm. “They were in a desolate condition with mites and infections in their ears. It hurt me to see them suffer, so I took both home,” Nicole recalled. 

Going to The Vet

The first thing she did after adopting the kitties was to take them to the vet. The kittens needed medical assistance as soon as possible. The kittens were iller then they appeared. They had infections that could have led to some hazardous consequences if remained unchecked.   

Back To Shape

Thanks to Nicole’s care and affection, the kittens did not take long to get back to shape. They soon began to eat and drink. Both of the cats were covered with black and white coats that looked like tuxedos. Was it all about these cats?

Mysterious Animal

Can you name the most mysterious animal on earth? It’s a cat. This species has many mythological stories associated with them. Along with that, they are also an amazing pet. Just make sure you give them enough attention and love because that is all they crave for.