Owning a pet can be pretty much exciting and at the same time tiring. Though it is adorable to see them licking you or wagging their tail, running after you in the entire house. It is stressing to see them shed their dog fur over the pillows, pee, and poop at wrong places and even make us feel embarrassed in front of guests. But, we love them a lot as they add adventure to our monotonous life.

However, for one pet owner, life with a pooch wasn’t an easy one. Training his dog was even difficult. They were somehow managing with the daily chores and the pooch, but once they shifted to a new home, the pooch started behaving strangely. What was the matter? Was he trying to indicate something?

Quite Absurd

When their golden retriever started to behave a little awkward, they were confused. They knew they had given him proper training and now that he was acting unusual, something was definitely off. But what made him do this was something they did not know.

New Place

The very first thought which came to his owners was that as they have recently shifted to the new home, the pooch might not be comfortable. But as days passed his behavior continued to grow stranger. And his owners were now worried about it.

The Family

John and Samantha (names changed) loved their golden retriever to the extremes. They always wanted to have a family, but that family meant owning a lot of dogs. They have loved the pooch like their own human child. And you will be surprised to know how did Bruno, their dog come into their lives.

The Noise

John and Samantha once went to the nearby woods for a walk. While the duo was cherishing the weather and some time together, they came across a big wooden log. It appeared as if a tree had fallen. Though they ignored it initially, as they went past it, they heard some sound. A sound like that of an animal cry.


The couple was true animal lovers. They were always ready when it came to helping the animals. Rather when the duo started dating, their compassionate nature was one thing which attracted them to one another. So when they heard the sounds in the woods, they simply couldn’t ignore it.

Looking For

John immediately started looking for the source of the sounds. While doing so, he came across the same wooden log which he and Samantha just saw. As he approached towards it, the sounds became more audible. He looked around the log and what he saw beneath it, was heart-wrenching.