We all have day-dreamed of saving our school from some disaster or some attack on the school once in our life. Have you ever thought about why we cooked up these impossible events inside our head? We all want an adventure in our lives. We get so tired of following the same daily routine on a loop that we need something that can take us out from this boring life. But not all of us are as lucky as this woman from Russia who loves to travel around and explore strange places and this time she found the most unbelievable place that held a very big secret for centuries. This story of her adventure would surely bring goosebumps. What was the place that she discovered and what did she find in that place? Get ready to be amazed…

Full Of Secrets

Russia is one place that is filled with mystery and secrets. Within the city, there are several spots which are inaccessible to the general public. This Russian woman has always found herself drawn towards places like where Russian used to builts rocket and nuclear reactors, derelict bunkers, and bomb shelters. But this time she discovered a place which was far more interesting than other places she has visited. But what she was able to discover inside that and how things turned up for her is the real mystery here. 

Russia Born

Lana Sator lives in Moscow, Russia. And for the past 10 years, she has been exploring abandoned sites and buildings. This activity of urban exploration which is commonly referred to as urbex has been stated illegal in Russia. And why is that? Because it involves entering into private properties without permission. But Lana doesn’t care about it. For her, it is a hobby to explore places which are left abandoned for years. Her hobby led her to the scariest place she has ever seen.

Her Interview With Vice

Lana has a good followin on her Instagram where she keeps uploading the images to show her followers about the abandoned places she has visited. But what keeps her going? And what all she has to go through? Remember it’s illegal to trespass the private sites. But that hasn’t stopped her from visiting and later she was interviewed by the website Vice. 

About Moscow Urbex

In the interview with the Vice over an email, they asked her what why she chose Moscow as her place to explore? To which Lana replied, “The Moscow region is saturated with industrial facilities. Property disputes, renovations, demolitions, and reconstructions are constantly taking place. New objects of interest appear often; old enterprises are being closed; hospitals and other institutions are being reorganised. It’s impossible to get bored here.” Indeed, it’s true. Because what she discovered was something extraordinary. She risked her life to bring it out in open in front of the people. 

Other Amazing Explored Places

Just like this place Lana discovered, she has also discovered several other abandoned places that are really something to watch. “Bomb shelters and bunkers, unfinished nuclear power stations, and the underground state reserve granary. Almost all of the abandoned places are beautiful and attractive. Apart from asylums and shelters I love abandoned science labs, dead machinery, and factories,” Lana told Vice.

How To Find?

Vice asked her about the way she does things like, how does she find the places? Or how does she get to know where these abandoned places are? See, Russia isn’t small. It’s a very big spot on the globe. To this, she replied, “We have a rather big urbex community, and its members share locations. We also search using satellite maps, news, archives, and some reconstruction or demolition city tenders.”