An unexpected course of events puts a couple in a total dilemma as a result of which their story almost reached a closure. What happened next was an out of the world experience not only for the couple but for every person who comes across their story. Indeed their story was sensational. Time is not always good and life is not always bad. Hence, this story will take you to a conclusion where you’ll be realizing how important it is to live life to the fullest and never give up!

Joyful Life

Ryan Finley, a plumbing contractor, and Jill Finley, a loan underwriter recently got married and were living a regular life in Jones, Oklahoma. Happiness simply meant each other’s company and peace meant their home. The couple started their married life recently and they were not giving each other any hard times. However, they were not aware that they are soon going to face the biggest obstacle of their lives.

Worry-Less Weekendcomatose wife - Jill Finley

Ryan and Jill were having a great time together and weekends were their fun time. Usually, they were relaxing at the weekends, with their family and friends. Early mornings when Ryan prefers to read the newspaper, he lets Jill sleep for a bit longer. While Ryan comfortably lay on his couch, Jill gets busy talking with the neighbors and family. However, a just another Sunday morning in 2007 wasn’t like their past weekends at all.

Unplannedryan finley coma

The unfortunate incident took place soon after both completed 4 years of their marriage and were still happily following their old routines. That Sunday morning, Ryan was silently reading his newspaper on his lounge chair without waking up his wife who was asleep. That was not an ordinary day and hence the couple’s action may differ from their regular day, which actually happened. 

Wake Her Up

Ryan, unlike the rest of the mornings over the years, felt a strange eagerness to wake up his wife. As soon as he entered the house he walked towards the bedroom to wake Jill up. Even Ryan himself was aware that this behavior is opposite to his regular self but he wanted to see Jill awake and fine for unexplained reasons. What was next to happen, will change Ryan forever.


“I can’t tell you why, but I just felt that I wanted to wake her up that day,” told Ryan, and when he tried to wake Jill, for a second, he thought she is not willing to wake up but quick enough he understood that she was not responding to him at all. Despite many attempts, shaking her and shouting as loud as he can, all seemed like a waste as she didn’t wake up that morning. This was enough to freak out Ryan who immediately ran for his phone.


This situation was nothing less of a nightmare, which no one can imagine to happen to their loved ones. While Ryan was in one such situation he was aware that he has to be really fast in his next move. Every second he was fighting his own battle with panic which was trying to take over Ryan’s conscious self.