Rushing Actioncomatose Oklahoma woman

On the Sunday morning of May 26, 2007, Ryan rushed to make a call to 911 when he realized the devastating fact that his wife wasn’t breathing at all. He was close to losing his own senses but he stood strong to save his wife’s life. He knew it might take some time for the ambulance to arrive and couldn’t just sit there and wait anymore. Throughout the distressing situation, Ryan was aware that he has to act now!

CPR At Home

Ryan moved Jill from their bed to the floor where he can do the CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation) which should be performed in emergency cases to restore blood circulation and breathing of a person. Ryan didn’t have any clue about what’s happening to his wife and yet he wanted to do all he could to save her. He merely knew anything about first aid yet he performed CPR by himself on the basis of the little knowledge he had from a decade’s old CPR course.

Never Ending Momentcomatose wife

“It felt like forever, it felt like hours,” explained Ryan recalling the time he was waiting for the ambulance to reach.  While Ryan was making all the attempts to save his beloved wife the help was on its way and within 15 minutes of Ryan’s call, they reached the couple’s home. The paramedics were here and Ryan was finally hoping that Jill will get back to senses soon. 

Stood And Waited

comatose wife

The Emergency Response team sent Ryan outside the room and while he was praying for Jill to get well, the EMTs were checking her. Ryan remembers those moments when he was waiting as “I could actually hear the machine going. A thump and then the second thump. I heard Jill coming back down and hitting the wood floor.” Jill was even given chest concussions artificially.

Rushing To The Hospital

The EMT was sure they have to hurry in taking Jill to the hospital for further medical treatment. She was still completely unconscious when they took her in the ambulance and instantly rushed to the Oklahoma Heart Hospital where they could provide Jill the immediate additional care she needed at that time while Ryan was left behind.


Ryan wasn’t briefed about anything so far and he too followed the ambulance in his car and reached the hospital where Jill was taken directly to the ER. She was kept on the respirator and doctors took further action to save her life, however, with time passing it was getting more difficult. Everything was happening so quickly that Ryan couldn’t even understand what was going on, he was just praying for everything to become normal.