A decade ago, unlike today, the majority of DNA tests were either to check the origins of people and backgrounds or to resolve cold cases. Nowadays, DNA testing has become more popular than ever before, since you can take DNA tests at home. This surprising story is related to the triplets who found out the weirdest thing about their lives on a T.V. show last year.

Unusual Triplets

Born on December 12, 1977, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in the same orders as their names Nicole, Erica, and Jaclyn are popularly known as “The Dahm Triplets”. Since their birth they’ve been unique as they’re not only triplets, adding on to it is the fact that they are identical triplets. Well, that’s a rarest of the rare case we should tell you. But their identities were about to become questionable soon!

Who Is Who?

The Dahm triplets are so much identical that it is impossible to tell them apart. We understand it might sound like a funny situation but when we tell you that when they were kids even their parents couldn’t make a difference then you might understand the seriousness of this issue. However, their parent’s came up with a solution that stays with the triplets even today. 


From head to toe, the three kids looked like first-hand copies of each other; no difference at all! To get themselves out of any confusion, their parents got the babies tattooed. Therefore, Nicole got a dot on her backside, Jaclyn got two dots and Erica was given none. Once, the Dahm triplets had this tiny difference in the name of tattoos, their parents were finally relieved for a lifetime.

Small Town Girls

The triplets spent their childhood as a regular set of triplets in Jordan, Minnesota. From a small town upbringing to a path full of fame and glamour, their journey has always been amazing with something or the other huge happening every now and then until March 2017 brought an experience of a lifetime for them. 

Beautiful Appearances

While growing up, they’d similar height, the Dahm triplets were the center of attraction wherever they went, everyone’s eyes were on them due to their elegant features, sparkling blue eyes, and shiny blonde hair and the fact that it’s three of them was the add-on to their beauty. When these angel-like divas chose an evident career, it made them an instant success.


Wherever they go, whatever they do, as long as together, they are always called “the triplets” or “the three” and when such incredible trio was in Jordan, a town with 6000 approx people at that time, people actually started knowing them as “the Dahm triplets” which was an appreciable nickname. It stays with them till date as most of the people who know them; know them with the same name.