Cover GirlsDahm Triplets

In October 1994, when they were just 16-year- old a huge opportunity knocked at their door which proved to be a start to their new lives. Starting from the cover photo of a famous teen magazine cover, their modeling career looked quite bright. Modeling agencies wanted to sign a contract with them as they knew the specialty of these girls; 3 stunning similar faces!

Off To College

The Dahm triplets never planned modeling as their career and all three of them had dreams for which they took admission in the nursing school the University of Minnesota as they wanted to help people. Obviously, they weren’t doing it just for the degree but for knowledge and because of their helping nature. But the question is, were they even meant to be nurses or destiny had other plans for them?

The Golden Opportunity

It was just a regular college day when the three of them noticed something that could be their next big thing. It was an advertisement for a modeling job for Playboy special edition, “Girls of the Big Ten”. However, they weren’t expecting that they’ll get selected but they just wanted to give it a try and hence, they made a reservation for the audition. Little did they know, this would be a life-changing decision for them.

Casting For Playboy

At first, it seemed like everything was in their favor, the moment the casting director met them, he loved the triplets and was in favor of taking them in the modeling assignment. The sisters were about to transform their lives wholly and forever as this was a huge chance. There was just one decision they’d to make and that was if they are okay with the photo shoot requirements as they’ve to pose naked in front of the camera. 

Let’s Move Ahead!Dahm Triplets

After getting into some discussions the Dahm triplets knew what they really wanted to do and they said yes for the college photo shoot. At that moment it was once in a lifetime moment, however, this one moment was about to gift them with uncountable better moments for the rest of their lives.

Instant Stars

Before the Dahm triplets, only once did a set of triplets make it as the face of Playboy magazine. The sisters were thinking of it to be just another edition but fate’s plan was completely opposite. In December 1998, when the magazine was published the Dahm triplets became a name so popular that the triplets were now stars overnight.