Sarah Churman a deaf woman was living a blissful life with her husband and daughters. No doubt she had a perfect family but her life was far from being perfect. Sarah missed out on various opportunity only because of her hearing disability. She missed out on her daughters first cry or giggle, her husband’s sweet voice and her own laughter. But her fate took a turn when her husband told her about an implant that would restore her hearing ability. Now her hopes began to revive only to die when she heard about the expensive implant. Though the fate had another plan for her.

Deaf Since Birth

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The 29-year-old Sarah was born naturally deaf. And from there on her family’s endeavor to get her hearing disability corrected began. Despite continuous efforts, they could not achieve any fruitful efforts. However, she learned the root cause of her deafness. Her inner ear did not have hairs to transmit the sound waves to the brain. She was a victim of genetic abnormality.

Lover Of Speech And English

Although she was deaf, Sarah learned to speak at the hearing school. She was given a hearing aid by age 2 and went for speech therapy sessions growing up. But she excelled in the English language and grammar and loved to talk. There was only one thing that would always bother her, her hearing aid. They never felt nice to put on.

Refusing To Use Hearing Aids

Due to it giving her uncomfortable sensations, Sarah had a habit of avoiding her hearing aids even after she and her husband met. “There’s always a constant roar, there’s always a constant hum,” she told Luis Pena, who has made a short film about her story.

Looking For Solution

Sarah knew that eventually, she would need to find a solution as she was not a mother to her dear daughters. She made up her mind to do something about the chances of never hearing her kids speak, but it was going to be a long process and she was going to be faced with many difficulties.

She Wanted To Communicate With Her Daughters

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Sarah had faith in technology, that it would one-day birth something that would ease her of her problems and struggles. But it was only when she had her two daughters that she feels a certain need for the ability to hear. “I was missing out on so much about my daughters because of my disability,” she shared.

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Sloan first heard about the Esteem implant on the radio while he was driving. He felt quite sure that this was going to help his wife’s inability to hear. She had tried other procedures but they always made her uncomfortable. Sometimes, there was too much noise around, other times the feedback wasn’t clear. She was new to hearing but had learned how to talk long ago.