We must all be aware of the fact that dogs can get extremely emotional. After all, they are man’s best friend and so they must be emotionally charged sometimes. This 1-year-old dog had been kept in a shelter and was basically alone for some time. She had a teddy bear which was the only thing that kept her at peace. After a while, her entire life changed and the result surprised everyone who knew her…

In The Shelter

This story is about a dog named Ellie. She is a beautiful 1-year-old Blue Lacy dog who had been born to a family that resides in Dallas, Texas. Ever since she was born, Ellie was quite the emotional dog who was deeply attached to her owners. She was a sensible dog who was happy to be where she was. She was nicely taken care of and she always made sure she put a smile on her owners.

No Longer

But as life goes, Ellie was not the fortunate kind. After being born and living for just about a year, something terrible happened to her. One day, the owners who she was so fond of decided that they could no longer take care of the poor dog. They did not want to keep Ellie so she was dropped off at a local shelter. She went from living her life in a nice home to a very cold and barren animal shelter.

One Friend

She was quite accustomed to the life she had previously lead where she would get proper food and receive a lot of pampering. But all this had suddenly flipped and her life was not like it used to be. Imagine the kind of confusion and trauma little Ellie must be going through because of all this. The only thing that Ellie had in possession was a stuffed toy bear that the family had left behind with her.

The Stuffed Bear

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Since she had felt at home in the family’s house, the animal shelter was indeed a scary and unfamiliar place for Ellie. She did not know anyone there and so it felt terrible to be left there all alone. She was clearly not coping well with the fact that she was never going to see her family ever again. The little-stuffed toy was her only friend now and so she held on to it like it was her only life support.

Getting A Surprise

Since the family that kept her during her first year was so loving and caring, it ended up being a huge shock to see that they wanted to get rid of her. Their decision to just drop off Ellie at the shelter was something quite strange for a family who seemed to be very fond of pets. Even poor Ellie was perplexed by the fact that the people she considered her own family would do this to her.

A Truth

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It must have been a very serious issue that drove the family to have to give up on Ellie the dog. It was clear that they did adore the dog very much because they had already gone out of their way to get her the vaccinations and spay that the dog needs. Ellie was clearly taken care of properly but still, the family decided not to keep her. It was a very sad truth, what Ellie had to go through.