They say the the giving birth is one of the most beautiful experiences life has to offer. However, we must remember that it is also one of the most jeopardizing experiences a mother and the newborn baby could ever go through. There are so many potential complications that giving birth can include. It could be hazardous to both the mom and the baby. This applies to all mammals. So when this dog refused to give birth, the need for a doctor was crucial. When the vet go to work, something miraculous would happen…

Perfect Duo

So if you look at the photo above, you can see that there is one thing they obviously have in common. These two both have a passion and a love for animals! And there had always been a problem for this lady named Mariesa had in her past. She had revealed in an interview that the relationships she was in before, would fail to work out because of the overwhelming love she has for animals.

Love For Dogs

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And so, her previous partners would never understand why she was always too involved with her pets. Her past relationships would always dwindle due to the fact that she wants a large family of four-legged friends! However, in due time, she met Chris, and the two fell more in love with each other day after day because they both adore dogs so much.


We all know that everywhere, the problem of strays has become overwhelming. There are so many shelters and rescues where the population of dogs and cats have reached heights. All these places want to save every pet but this is impossible to do. When these two went to their local shelter, they noticed one strange thing. The dog shelter was full of one breed, pit bulls!

Surrounded With Pups

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Since, they loved dogs so much, this couple would often go and visit shelters. So this time, Mariesa and Chris dropped a visit to Pibbles & More Animal Rescue — or PMAR. They were so happy to be surrounded by all the wagging tails and adorable faces. Since these two loved animals especially dogs like family, they absolutely enjoyed being around them. They were in for a life-changing surprise.

Bad Reputation

There are so many dogs that have a reputation of being mischievous and a little wild. And among these breeds, it is no secret that pit bulls are a breed of dog that is misunderstood quite a lot. With their big head and muscular bodies, these dogs are indeed ferocious. They are seen as dangerous dogs wherein pit bull are even illegal in several states.

Wanting To Help

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And as dog lovers, Chris and Mariesa know this very well, that pit bulls are a little more fearsome than other breeds of dogs. These two have indeed adopted pits, however, them being seen as a big problem is something they could not wrap their heads around. Their only wish was to be able to offer some help to these poor dogs. They had no clue the kind of experience they would be dealing with.