All About Love

And pit bulls are indeed notorious for being a little hard to tame. And there have been so many signs that this breed of dog is one of the most dangerous, but to identify them as the most dangerous breed is not quite accurate. We must remember that pitbulls are a breed that is loyal, caring and loving. How they behave is heavily dependent on how the owners treat them.

Based On Looks Alone

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However, because of a few incidents where pit bulls have behaved wildly, many people have been convinced that these dogs should be feared and categorized just on the basis of their strong appearance. There is no clear proof that these dogs are all fearsome and vicious. So Chris and Marisea were about to meet one dog that would make them fall in love…

The Animal Rescue

So when the couple went around the shelter, they felt immense happiness because the dogs there were so warm and showed appreciation. As it is that the couple loves dogs, so to see them get excited because of their visit was truly heartwarming. When they toured inside the shelter, Mariesa started to realize that this would be a difficult decision to make…

Her Plan

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And before they went to the shelter, Mariesa had always spoken about what she would do when they went there. She had made a promise to Chris that from the shelter, she would only pick one dog to take back home with them. Then as she looked around the shelter, she saw one dog that took her attention right away. As soon as she saw it from the corner of her eyes, she knew what to do next.

Heavily Pregnant

Mariesa scanned across the shelter and there was a dog that stood out from the rest of the pack. This dog was plentifully pregnant. So when this dog saw that this lady noticed her, she hurried with her full blown belly to come and greet the couple excitedly. This dog was a gorgeous brindle Pit Bull. When she came close, she licked Mariesa’s hand and took over her heart immediately.

Shivers Down Her Spine

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And when the pup got close, she looked deep into Mariesa’s eyes as if she was pleading the lady to take her away. Mariesa after meeting this pregnant dog turned towards Chris with a look that obviously screamed: “She’s the one.” There was no chance for the other dogs anymore. However, when they approached the employees there, she was left in shivers…