If you have not constructed your own house, you cannot be too sure about its history. You can think what you will but if you do not get a background check of the place you live in, you never actually know the kind of history it has. This woman had lived in her home for many years but soon started feeling like they were not alone in the house. There would be suspicious activities and incidents occurring one day after the other…

A Horror MovieReal-Life Horror Flick

When the strange and unexplainable incidents started to take place, the woman grew more worried day by day. There were day when she felt like she was hallucinating, that everything was all in her head. Maybe it was a waking nightmare that she needed to snap out of. She could not get a clear explanation of why all this was happening. She felt like she was trapped inside a horror movie.

It Can’t Be

However, even though she at times felt like this was just a dream, there were so many pieces of evidence that pointed towards it is definitely real. She was a resident at that house for such a long time now and so the idea of it being haunted was a little hard to digest. She soon decided to hold an investigation to find out once and for all why all these things were happening. Her discovery made her tremble with shock…

A Struggle
Potential Threat

And the owner of the house certainly did not have an easy life. Tracy, the owner of the house, had to go through a lot in life and was certainly not a stranger to obstacles and threats. Being a single mom of five kids, she was living in Rock Hill, South Carolina with all of them. She had been working and struggling to put food at the table for her and her kids for a few years now…

Threatening For All

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Since she had 5 kids, the single mom had to earn quite a lot if she wanted to provide for all of them. She had been struggling to earn enough for her family to have a stable. Since the family was not well to do, even though some kids were adults, they still had to live under the same roof. Even though they struggled with money, this was all in all a very happy family. Then the mysterious occurrences started to happen, threatening the safety of everyone in the house.

Something Upstairs
It Was Coming From Upstairs

And so, the family although had a few trouble monetarily, got along fine and was not at all an unhappy family. And so, it was a very ordinary day in September when Tracy started to hear weird noises that seemed to be coming from inside the attic. She got the sense that this was nothing but an intruder. However, she was always careful enough to lock the doors and windows which made this a little impossible.

All In Her Head?

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Tracy had a very good reason as to why she needed to lock the doors and window. Since she and her kids were actually residing in the bad part of town, there were often reports of burglaries. It was in fact, a very common occurrence. Since she knew there was no way someone could have broken into her home, she convinced herself that it was her mind that played tricks on her. But soon she found out that is was not her mind…