We have all heard or read somewhere where they say, life is a mystery and if we think about it, it sure does make sense. One moment we held the happiness and in a blink, it just vanishes away from our hand leaving behind an empty fist. But take a look at the fist and try to make it tighter and there we have the motivation to move forward in life.
The Barclays family met the same unexpected events in life but they kept their hopes high only to see what lies ahead of them. Everything that has happened, there was a reason behind it and the family was ready to find it. They were ready to go at any lengths, but still, the process that is life took its own course. If you are in a bad place right now, then it shall too pass.

Vanished Without A Trace

The evening of June 13, 1994, changed everything for Barclay’s family when they found out that their 13-year-old son has disappeared. There wasn’t a single clue that could tell them what was really going on. The news broke the family from the inside and the grey clouds above them made their lives darker for them to see the future clearly. The case became the highest priority for the police. But the mystery revolving around a 13-year-old became harder and harder to solve. Until they found this clue.

What Started As An Average Day…

It was an average summer day. As usual, Nicholas was out playing basketball with his friends. When the game ended, Nicholas took a walk to find a payphone to call his mother to see if she could pick him up. It took him a while to reach her mother as she was asleep after a night shift and it was his uncle Jason who picked up the phone on the third attempt. Jason told him that his mother is still asleep and suggested him to walk home. Only if Nicholas’s uncle picked him up, this tragedy might have been avoided.

The Wait…

Nicholas was angry after hearing that now he has to walk home all alone, but he can’t help it and decided to walk as it was getting dark. His family has lived in San Antonio, Texas for many years and he knew the roads by heart. But still, somehow the walk felt like a burden to him. He has walked home alone before but this time the experience was new. He felt like time was passing really fast and now it was really dark. He increased his pace but only to meet something unexpected.

Behavioral Difficulties

Nicholas Barclay was a sweet kid, but his habit of wanting more and more attention contributed to his reputation of being a troubled youth. Often there were complains about him getting in trouble at school, and his short-tempered personality acted like a fuel to it. Because of his anger issues he often fought with his mother too and that brought more problems for him in life.

Bad Kid Nicholas( Nope!)

Because of his behavior, the other parents in his neighborhood told their kids to stay away and not play with Nicholas. It was becoming extremely difficult for Beverly Dollarhide to control her son, and she asked her brother, Jason, to live with her for some time to help her out. However, they never thought that all the trouble that Nicholas gave the family and his neighborhood will soon become memories. But some theories were making the disappearance a bigger mystery.

Runaway Theories

While Nicholas Barclays family was worried about his disappearance, authorities had a different theory in their mind. There have been some previous circumstances like these where Nicholas left his house without telling anybody and stayed hidden for a couple of days without telling anybody his whereabouts. The police were also saying, that Nicholas is hiding somewhere in the town because of his court hearing that was scheduled the day after he’d disappeared, and he was just trying to avoid it.