If you are a romantic person, this story is sure to melt your heart. This is the story of Tyrel Wolfe and Joana Marchan. This is a story that took a decade and a half to unfold. If you are not a believer of fate and destiny, this story will surely get you to believe in it. This story began with one Christmas where a generous young boy wanted to do some charity work. No one ever imagined that this act would lead to a decade-long interaction miles apart by two people? Read on to learn about the details of this amazing story…

Sheer Kindness

Christmas is the time of the year when one usually exhibits acts of generosity and kindness. Many people give what they can to the poor and needy during this time. In 2000, Tyrel Wolfe was just 7 years of age when he helped back up shoeboxes with Christmas gifts that consisted of toys, toiletries, and supplies kids in need all the way in the Philippines. The shoebox project that was organized by Operation Christmas Child through Samaritan’s Purse was about to change the course of his whole entire life.

Meaningful Shoebox

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Destiny is something that one cannot control. You never actually know what the universe has in store for you and what your future might hold. Out of 113 million packages that had been sent to 130 countries since initiation of this project in 1993, it was Joana Marchan who got the box from Tyrel Wolfe. She was overjoyed to get a shoebox that was packed with gifts since she came from a poor Filipino family. Little did she know that this box would lead her to something even bigger…

A Charming Photo

The packers of these shoebox gifts were requested to keep a photo of themselves in the shoebox gift they sent. Tyrel kept a photo of himself in one of the shoebox packages. This was the photo he placed inside the box that would reach a kid in need. He was not aware that this photograph would charm the person receiving it on the other end. When 8-year-old Joana got her shoebox, she kept the picture safely. What was inside the box?

Little Pleasures In A Shoe-box

As we all know, Christmas is the time to give. It is when people often give a gift to each other to show appreciation. Some people do this for the folks that are less fortunate. Joana got to receive a shoebox gift packed with a toy, shampoo, toothpaste and school supplies that she was in need of. There was a message in the box that she did not see…

Disappearing Note

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Joana and her family were poor so her parents had no ways of taking their kids shopping. That was one big reason why she was extremely happy to receive the box. And the little was trying to find a way to thank Tyrel Wolfe for the gift that she felt blessed to have received. She then sent a letter of gratitude that never actually reached Tyrel. After 14 years passed, Tyrel did not even accept her friend request on Facebook.

Unaccepted Friend Request

Joana kept the photo of Tyrel that was in the shoebox in a safe place for fourteen years. This photo was extra special to her because it came with the much needed Christmas gift. Even after years passed, her head still wondered where the young boy Tyrell Wolfe could be. Joana later revealed in an interview, questioning whether Tyrel had joined college as she did. After 14 years, even though he did not accept her friend request, Joana was not about to give up.