Another Try

In 2011 after 2 years since her rejected friend request to Tyrel, Joana decided to try once more. The first time, 21-year-old Tyrel received a request, he did not know who she was so he never accepted. Since the same Filipino girl sent him the request again he got a little curious. He then proceeded toward asking if they knew one another. The response was something fit for a romantic movie.

Interesting Stranger

After Tyrel Wolfe did not accept the friend request in 2009, in 2011 however, there was an online message that sparked his curiosity. This woman claimed to know who Wolfe was. She even told him that she had something to tell the surprised fellow. They were living in separate countries, him in the US and she in the Philippines. So how would she know him? He could not think of a single encounter he had ever had with this person who sent him a message on social media…

Tyrel Did Not Remember

Joana was quick to give a reply to Tyrel’s message on Facebook. She told him about the shoebox that she had received 16 years ago that he had sent to her which she absolutely cherished. Tyrel had one problem. He did not remember sending any package all the way to the Philipines at all! But after his mother Denise refreshed his memory about him sending a box when he was seven years old, he only had a realization then. So what happened after?

Shared Interests

The two of them soon found out that they shared a lot of common interest. Tyrel and Joana both follow Christian faith and enjoyed Christian music too. They were constantly talking after that point and very quickly a year passed. Till then, it was all messages on Facebook. Tyrel wanted to move things ahead and go offline too. But they were thousands of miles away so there was no way they could go on a date ,right?

The Big Decision

After one year of sending messages and communicating over social media, the two realized that they actually had a lot of common hobbies and interests. So Tyrel started contemplating flying all the way to Joana to see if they could perhaps get closer in real life. Since he enjoyed the online messaging, Tyrel soon made the big decision to see if the spark would follow through in person. By May 2013, Tyrel saved enough money to fly all the way to Quezon City in the Philippines, for a 10-day trip to see Joana.

To See Joana

So here he was on his first foreign flight from his country. Tyrel was super anxious as he was not sure what to expect. There was no guarantee that this person he was meeting even existed at all. International flights are long so just imagine how fast his heart must have been pumping throughout the flight! But when he finally got to see her in person, everything was worth it. He worked for his dad as a trail-and-bridge builder at state parks to save money for this trip. So how did he feel?