Head Over Heels

All this time, he had spoken to Joana virtually, so when Tyrek saw her in flesh, he could not believe his eyes. All this time he thought he was just dreaming her up, so to see her standing in front of him was unbelievable for Tyrel.  He fell for her instantly. And even Joana had the same feelings for him. We have all heard of the term ‘love at first sight’ right? This was felt by both of them. So what was running through her mind when Joana met Tyrel?

Just Love

When Joana was asked about how she felt, she responded by saying that there was a rush of adrenaline all over her body when she met Tyrel for the first time. The two of them certainly had butterflies in their tummies and were both instantly attracted to one another. The feeling that they both shared must be what books and movies keep on talking about. So how was her family to Tyrel?

Meeting The Marchans

Tyrel was already aware of the fact that he was meeting a girl from the Philippines who had a family of poor financial background. He never expected that her home would be a 10-by-19-foot property, with little to no furniture, where her whole family slept on the floor sharing one bedroom. This was certainly a stark contrast to how life was for him back in America. After spending some quality time with Joana’s family, he suddenly had a deep realization…

Tyrel’s Realization

Tyler soon realized how privileged he was and that he had very little to complain about as compared to how Joana’s life was. His eyes were opened about how some people struggled to put even just one meal for a day for the family to enjoy. In America, even middle-class families have the luxury of keeping comfortable furniture without making a fuss about it. In the Philippines, Tyrel realized he had taken so many things for granted. This was all thanks to Joana.

Coming To An End

Tyrel’s time in a foreign land where he got to learn about the luxury he had been blessed enough to have back home in America was coming to an end. His precious time with the woman he had fallen for was ending soon.  He was soon about to get back to the States leaving behind Joana. Tyrel was gutted to realize that their time was coming to an end. We can pretty much relate to how Tyrel felt when this happened. He would have to save up and be patient if he wanted to see her again.

Heartbreaking Goodbyes

Tyrel had to say his goodbyes as his 10-day trip to see Joana was ending. Spending time with Joana and her family was something he would treasure forever. There was no certainty that they would ever get to see each other again so the two of them were a little bummed out. He promised to come and see Joana and her folks again soon. They continued to communicate using Skype. As her tradition goes, Tyrel had to ask permission from Joana’s father in order to officially date her. So what next?