On Track

After spending several years in the dark, Sri Lanka had finally come out free and on track. Because of the war, the country lagged in a lot of things other countries had moved ahead in, but now it was time for Sri Lanka to make headlines. 


So far, ever since the civil war ended, people of Sri Lanka have only been to the ocean for the purpose of fishing or boating and nothing more than that. This was one of the reasons why nobody had noticed in so many years the precious thing that was under the Indian Ocean. 

Big Task

Asha de Vos had decided to carry forward a big task. She had embarked on a journey to research about blue whales in the Indian Ocean. Instead, what she was going to come across would be something she would have never anticipated. 


The main aim for De Vos for carrying out the research was to do something that would help the whales in the ocean who are unfortunately becoming the victims of the shipping lanes for business purposes. She had no idea what she was going to encounter. 


In the hopes to do something for the welfare of whales, Asha de Vos and her team started their expedition in February of 2017. The boat was packed and filled with types of equipment. However, the whole team was unaware that they would witness the biggest adventure of their lives. 


The whole team had prepared their cameras in the hope that they would click scenes of the beautiful marine life. They had no idea how an ordinary day would turn out to be the most extraordinary day for them and their camera lens.