Haven’t you shown your mother your different tantrums when you are hungry? Didn’t you irritate her and lie on the floor crying because she did not prepare your favorite dish? Not only this but whenever we are devoid of attention, we all showcase different attitudes to catch some attention. Everyone feels nice when someone gives them attention and fulfills their every demand.

This is a story of a stingray who leaps out of water due to the funniest reason. One would definitely fall in love with this creature.

He Is Family

Don’t we just love our cute pets? Like cuddling with them, caressing their fur and those little pet licks they leave on us. These all actions and the bond we share with them is priceless. All of us just can’t get over them. However, while a majority of us would be owning cats and dogs as pets, here comes our protagonist who is a little different.

Love For Marine

The protagonist has an avid love for marine life. While people usually pet cat and dogs, he owns fishes as pets. We will be building a kennel in our house, but this man owns a huge aquarium. Not only the fur and paws lend you happiness but those adorable fish lips and fins can too soothe our hearts. Well, wait. That’s not all.

A Stingray

While you may be busy wrapping your heads around the fact that this man owns an aquarium, another news that will fall on your head as shocking is that in his aquarium there are not only fishes but also a stingray. Sounds strange? Isn’t it? Yes, it does. Who owns a stingray as a pet?

Different Creature

These flattened-body supporting creatures are not only large but are also quite relatable to the shark family. An aquatic creature who is similar to a life-threatening creature like a shark is a pet to someone is absolutely strange and horrifying fact. Kudos! to the man who owns him as a pet. But what made him own this animal?

Curious Beings

Just like humans, stingrays are very curious creatures. They would spread their fins across any new object that comes in the way. They are highly active species who would run here and there. Their behavioral traits will make you own one just like this human.

 Hey Dad

This human owns an aquarium full of different breeds of fish and surprisingly a stingray also resides in it. This large creature often appeared on the glass to greet his human father. But, one day he showed up on the glass for an entirely different reason.