One Day

As a daily routine, the moment when the father would come to feed his pets at the aquarium, all the fishes and the stingray would swim to the side of the aquarium wall. That day too, as the creatures saw their dad approaching they all went past the wall. What happened next was really amusing.

Enormous In Size

This stingray happened to be quite enormous in size. The moment he saw his father, he reaches to the upper layer of aquarium water to capture his dad’s attention. However, he did not appreciate the way things were turning out then.

Completely Ignored

That day the father as always greeted all his beloved pets. But it seems that the stingray wasn’t happy with him that day. He wanted some extra attention, love, and care. This creature got irritated and soon only developed anger. But why? The day was just like any other day, then why did the stingray behave like this?

Hungry Faced

The human was having a bowl of fish food in his hand. He started feeding the fishes first and completely forgot about the stingray. Being hungry to extremes, the fishes fastly swam towards the offered food and even the father was enjoying feeding his babies.

Patiently Waiting

The stingray was waiting patiently for his turn to be served food. He was watching his father serve to others. He was hoping that soon only he too will be fed. But, the poor soul’s hopes shattered as his father did not serve him anything. That’s when the stingray began with his part.

Brushing His Fins

The stingray started spreading his fins against the aquarium glass, in order to gain some attention. He continuously brushed against that glass in hopes that his father would realize that he too is hungry and need some food. But, as evident in the picture, the human was busy feeding his fishes. The stingray’s patience took over and he did something surprising.