Animals come in different shapes and forms. There are some who can be kept at home, while some belong in the wild. We all know that cats are amazing creatures that possess incredible agility. The way they move is something a human could never aspire to achieve. There was one kitten who had been rescued from the streets whose back legs could not function at all. Soon something happened to him and amazingly, he was able to function as a normal kitty once again…

An Abandoned Kitten

If you look around your environment, you will surely see a lot of stray animals. Many cats and dogs roam the streets every day without an owner or a place to call home. The daily struggle that these animals face to have food or find shelter is truly heartbreaking. So one afternoon, on the streets of Oxnard, California, a kitten had been spotted walking around the streets.

Not A Setback

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There was something really striking about this particular kitty. What was it you ask? Well, the way it moved was definitely unlike any other cat. So what was so different and strange about this particular cat? Well, on the streets, the cat was walking without using both his back legs. It was still moving despite this setback. The cat was not letting this affect him and what he had to do every day…

Calling Animal Services

Since this was not an ordinary stray cat, he received a lot of attention. If you see a cat that is not using its hind legs, would it not grab your attention too? Well, this kitten was then rescued and taken off the streets. The people who rescued him did not know how to deal with the cat so they decided to seek help at the Ventura County Animals Services in Camarillo, California.

A New Name

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So when they took him tot he Ventura County Animals Services, the experts there knew exactly what to do with the stray cat. However, before doing anything to him. the cat was given a new name. So what was this name? Well, the stray cat who could not use his hind legs was now called Bernard. One of the veterinary technicians there took care of him and they needed a foster home for him real soon.

Reaching Out

So this cat now called Bernard would require some extra attention due to his condition. If he needed to get better, he would require more attention and care from anyone looking after him. He needed something more than just another cat lover. Bernard needed someone who would know how to deal with his condition. The veterinary technician then made an effort to find a foster home.

Efforts For Bernard

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As we said, this kitten could not use both of his hind legs, so he needed to be taken care of by someone who knows how to deal with his special needs. And so the vet tech searched high and low for someone who was eligible. And soon, he made a call to Jenifer Hurt of Wrenn Rescues. Would Hurt be willing to take in this special needs cat? Would she be open to foster Bernard?