Everyone deserves to get all the attention at least on their “big day”. Undoubtedly, wedding days are one of the most memorable days for most of the world population. She had dreamt of it all her life.  She was standing next to the man she loved. They were happy together and the idea of spending the rest of their life together seemed so perfect. Who wouldn’t like to get a photoshoot done on such an auspicious moment?

The bride was excited to marry the man she loves. All she wanted at that moment was to get some memorable pictures of them clicked. However, that wasn’t meant to be and the groom left her on her own in the middle of the photoshoot… But what was so important that he had to leave his bride?

Wedding Day

This is the story of Clayton and Brittany Cook. The couple had everything planned for the big day. Friends, family, music, drinks, wedding cake, everything that people wish for. Clayton and Brittany were feeling blessed as this was their big day and their wish was coming true. Although, their plans weren’t going to work for too long.

Expect The Unexpected

Be it her dress, or the cherry on the cake, the groom’s bow tie, or the music list that played. Brittany wanted everything to be exactly how she thought it to be and started to panic when even the slightest of thing went off track. Clayton, on the other hand, assured her that everything is under control Small ups and downs are supposed to happen, right? 

Victoria Park

Clayton and Brittany got married on September 22, 2017, at the Victoria Park Pavilion in Kitchener, Canada. They took their wedding vows and sealed their new relationship with a kiss. So far, the couple just got through half of the big day’s plan and everything went perfectly. However, the wedding dance, family dinner, and going away for the honeymoon were yet to be done. It was photo time before all this could be done.

Picture Perfect

After getting out of the church, the couple was supposed to get an amazing photoshoot done. Clayton and Brittany were so happy that the photographer didn’t have to ask them to smile for the picture. They just couldn’t stop smiling. Their overwhelming feelings were visible on their glowing faces. 

Selfless Man

Brittany remembered the first thing she noticed about Clayton when they started dating, it was the feeling of selflessness. Clayton is the kind of man who’ll do his best to keep people around him happy. Brittany was proud to be marrying a man who will not only be the best husband but also be a great dad when the time comes

Quick Thinker

Clayton has always been quick in making decisions, and we must mention, the right decisions. He observes the situation quickly and acts accordingly. He asked Brittany to marry him the very moment he realized she’s the one for him. Also, Clayton was the one taking care of all the wedding arrangements.