Unique Wedding

The couple wanted to do something different at their wedding. After doing a lot of thinking the couple knew they had to relate their similar interests and make a unique wedding theme. Therefore, they came up with an idea to make this wedding nothing like the rest.

Harry Potter Fans

Both Brittany and Clayton are big-time Potterheads, ie, Harry Potter fans. (just being clear in case, you are not one). They agreed on the plan of serving Honeydukescandy bars in their wedding. The couple also decided to name the drinks based on different Harry Potter characters. Hmm… That’s interesting now…

Wedding Photoshoot

It all started when they were getting the photo shoot done. While the cameraman asked Clayton to look towards him, Clayton was lost somewhere else. Something else had caught his attention. Wondering how can a groom notice something else when he has his beautiful bride next to him? But Clayton couldn’t help what he saw.

Apart For A While

For a while, the wedding photographer, Darren Hatt, asked Brittany to get on the other side for single pictures of her. She was standing in front of the tree and Clayton was looking at his beautiful wife, who looked stunning. Within a couple of seconds, the entire scene was about to change.

Horrible Realization

After getting her own pictures clicked, Brittany called Clayton but he wasn’t there. Where would he go in the middle of the photo shoot leaving Brittany in her white dress alone? As if her husband leaving her alone wasn’t enough that when she asked the photographer about Clayton, his reaction too was surprising.

Strange Photographer

Brittany asked the photographer who was not even looking at her anymore. She asked him if he has seen Clayton, but he didn’t even turn back to answer. After all, he was so busy clicking pictures of a nearby scene. All the photographer did was to point his finger in the direction his camera was focusing.