Bananas contain loads of potassium; their peels carry rich levels of enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. So don’t throw away the slippery peels the next time you eat the favorite food of monkeys. Use the peels for some Do-It-Yourself (DIY) home applications and save some money. The inside of a banana peel is its softer part because it’s glued to the pulpy fruit. When the fruit is ripe; the skin turns yellow. More so, its edible part becomes soft and sweet.

Restore Sleep Time

Insomnia is a life-threatening condition that can be triggered by depression and an underlying cause for many ailments. Boil banana peels (in clean water), and drink a teacup of the mixture at least twice a day. The juice is an antidepressant that helps to restore nighttime sleep.

Natural Polish For Leather

Traditionally black, ox-blood, brown, red, and neutral are the colors of shoe polish. However, with white inner part of banana peels; rub them on any color of your leather material before buffing with a clean cloth. That’s a simple way to make your leather shine.

Remove Splinters

It’s quite painful when sharp fragments of wood, glass or metal pierce your nails or palm. Splinters can be removed by covering the affected part with the inner skin of a banana peel. Don’t forget to hold firmly with medical tape. After a few hours, the affected part becomes soft; naturally, the splinter comes out because of the peel’s enzymes.

Natural Polish For Silverware

Are you worried about the appearance of the silverware in your cupboard? You can use the inner skin of a banana peel to reclaim the shine of silverware. Blend the soft banana peels and mix with water before application. Rub the mixture on the silverware; allow to dry for some hours and clean with a piece of soft towel.

Protect Your Garden

What you need after a hard day’s work of gardening is smile at your blossoming plants. Aphids and other flying insects can spoil the joy of gardening. To prevent this unfortunate incident; use a shallow hole to bury some portions of banana peels mixed with garlic in your garden. These crawling and flying pests will run for their life.

Rose Nutrition

Banana peels are foods for roses because they act as organic manure. Apart from dozens of trace minerals in banana peels; magnesium and calcium help your rose plants blossom. Bury some shredded banana skins close to rose plants in your garden soil (at most four inches) and watch them grow quickly.