Teeth Whitener

Have you heard that first impression is long lasting? Usually, one’s facial skin and teeth say a thousand words about personal hygiene. Luckily, potassium, manganese, and magnesium are the few elements in banana peels that can whiten your teeth. Banana peels are organic; no negative side effects on your dental enamels after use.

Clears Blemishes From Pimples

You might restrain from touching those red pimples that pop on your facial skin and neck. However, it doesn’t stop them from leaving spots that can cause discoloration. Simply rub the inner part of a banana peel on the affected spot for twenty minutes. Apply this before bedtime and don’t wash till the next day for the enzymes to act.

A Cure For Dry Skin

Apart from acne attack, it can be embarrassing to have dry skin (psoriasis). Apply the inner part of a banana peel twice daily on the surface a dry skin. The enzymes in the peels will rejuvenate your dry and scaly skin. Banana peels are natural active moisturizers.

Tenderize Meat

When you want your portions of meat soft after a few minutes of cooking; try banana peels. The enzymes in shredded peels of banana break the molecules of your meat. The fresh portions of meat become soft and juicy after cooking for a sufficient period.