Her heart always spoke to her, telling that there is still good that resides in people’s heart. It takes a lot of courage to be a selfless person, but little she knew, the great act of kindness was just around the corner and the destiny was reading the script. The scene was between her and the kindness of which her heart has always reminded her. They both collided like a bang and this was it but with a little twist in the scene. It was Nancy who wanted to feel what kindness feels in reality and she soon found out when she herself became the reason the whole world will see what kindness actually looks like. She wouldn’t have ever imagined that she will become the angel of kindness people talk about.
This story of Nancy Bleur who helped a 4-year-old kid with all the support he asked for. Her act of gentleness will surely make your day and this story will touch you to the core slowly melting your heart and reviving the faith in humanity.

Good Teacher

Nancy Bleur is a preschool teacher and she loves her job. More than her job she loves being with the kids. The kids in the preschool just love their teacher who really knows how to take care of the kids while she makes them learn new things every day. Even the parents are happy that their kids are in hands of Nancy. But then something strange happened in the classroom that changed everything.

A Typical Day

As usual, Nancy was early in the classroom and was waiting for the kids to arrive. She was excited to see those cute faces again after a week gap. She saw children coming in and was ready to receive them with a smiling face. All of the kids were looking pretty happy after seeing their favorite teacher inside the class, but Nancy’s eyes were stuck on of her student who wasn’t looking that happy. Nancy was busy in locating the students to their seats and she waited till everybody is settled in. She walked towards this 4-year-old kid who just sat on the first bench he saw. That’s not him, he always sits on the first bench, she thought. What happened to him?

Not An Usual Him

Nancy knows how playful and smart this kid is. It’s not like she expects anything from a 4-year-old, but still, it was making Nancy very worried about him. She was waiting for the class to start so that she gets time to ask the kid what is the matter? Because of a week gap, it took a little longer for everybody to settle in properly. Nancy kept watching this kid who seemed like nothing is fun around him anymore. Just think about it, a 4-year-old kid who used to play and laugh all the time, was sitting like a depressed teen. It’s not a very beautiful sight to watch. She was shocked to hear what this kid told her.

The Little Boy

This kid who made Nancy really worried about him is Camden. He was the most playful and cheerful kid in the class who has never created any problem for anybody. Everybody loves him in the class, but today, Nancy felt like something was missing. What was that? It was Camden’s laughter that made everybody’s day. What happened to his behavior? She found out soon.

Strange Behavior

Even during the lunch break Camden didn’t go out with others and kept sitting on his table inside the classroom. His friends kept calling him to play with them but Camden was lost somewhere. His folded hands on the table and his head resting on them, he kept looking outside the window without even blinking. Nancy asked him to eat his lunch as the lunch break was about to get over, he didn’t respond to Nancy and sat on his bench like a statue. Something bad was bothering him, but what was that?

Nancy Decides To Take Action

For Nancy, kids have always been special. For her kid’s well being was the first priority and she did exactly the same. She tried calling Camden’s father to inquire about Camden’s condition, sadly she couldn’t reach him. Even trying for so many times, she wasn’t able to talk to him. Now, Nancy became really anxious. On one hand, he has Camden who is lost in his own thoughts and on the other hand, she couldn’t talk to his father. What’s going on with Camden and his family.