Time To Talk To Camden

Nancy called Camden to his desk where she made him sit on the chair beside her. Camden’s face was looking really pale and by looking at her eyes Nancy could tell that this little kid was crying a while ago. He is just a kid and still he has managed to control his emotions that are literally overflowing and asking for help. Nancy asked him about the matter that has made him so pale and gloomy. Tears flowing from his eyes and his legs shaking he told her everything. Nancy didn’t realize but she was also in tears and couldn’t believe what she was hearing. It wasn’t fair, a kid was going through so much.

School Over

Nancy was in shock about everything Camden told her. Even she feels the same pain that was flowing inside Camden’s body. But being an adult, she didn’t lose hope and tried her best to calm Camden. He tried stopping himself from crying but the tears just came out like water. Nancy was trying her best to make him better but it seemed nothing was working. It was the bell that diverted every other kid’s mind. They were all looking very worried just by watching Camden’s condition. It was the first time that Nancy had no solutions to the problem. But what she did next brings back faith in humanity.

The Guardian Angel

Except for Camden all of his classmates have already left school. Nancy was waiting for Camden to leave but to her surprise, this little boy decided to walk home alone. Nancy was shocked to see that usually, it’s his father that picks him up but today he was nowhere in sight. Nancy picked her bag and stopped Camden. She can’t leave a kid alone and decided to drop him. Camden who hasn’t eaten anything since the morning was looking very weak. Then she took a different route and Camden wasn’t aware of that.

Little Outing

Nancy took Camden to a restaurant for a meal. She knew that he won’t eat but still, she tried. They both sat in a restaurant and Nancy ordered some french fries, two burgers, and coke with it. Kids love burgers and even Camden was fond of burgers. When the order arrived Camden kept staring at the burger. He could feel his stomach making hunger noises inside and wanted to eat the burger but something inside was stopping him. Nancy sensed it and picked the burger and gave it to Camden who ate it like he hasn’t had a meal in a while. Nancy just kept staring at this sweet little kid and even offered him her own burger. It was time to leave and when Nacy reached Camden’s house she was shocked.

Ride Back To Home

Camden was sitting on the front seat beside Nancy. One moment she saw him looking out from the window and the other she found him sleeping like a baby. She decreased the volume of the radio and drove really slowly so that he won’t wake up from the sleep he hasn’t had for days. They reached home and Nancy wanted to wake him up but she didn’t want to. Then she did and it was already late. She picked Camden in her arms so that he doesn’t lose his sleep and walked towards his home. Now, what’s this? The gate wasn’t locked.

What’s Really Happening?

Nancy was knocking at the front door of Camden’s house and there was no response. To her surprise, the door was already open. She was very frightened by it and couldn’t decide her next move. It’s not safe she thought, but why the gate is open? Camden was sleeping in his arms and she didn’t want to wake him. She walked around the house to see if someone was inside, but she couldn’t make it as the curtains were blocking her view. There was a neighbor in sight to whom she can ask for help. She built her confidence and walked inside the house. The view was really surprising.