Parenting is the one job you never retire from. Parents guide their children to evolve into the people they were born to be. And education is a vital aspect of every child’s development. But what will a parent do if an educator, who is supposed to help them with this job, acts as an obstacle in their child’s growth instead? While in general, people respect teachers for the work they do, sometimes a teacher’s actions or remarks might be questioned if they cross a line.

In this case, a teacher’s remark on a boy’s homework leaves him in tears. This incident devastated the child’s father, who did something to teach the teacher a lesson.

Meet Kamdyn

This story began when a 2nd grader named Kamdyn Piland came home from school with tears in his eyes. His parents asked him what was wrong, but he shrugged it off choosing not to say what happened. His father, Chris, decided to talk to him later when he has had a slight change of mind.

Not The First Time

Chris already had a feeling of what this might be about. Kamdyn has been disliking going to school lately. This began a few months ago when his grades started falling significantly and they started getting complaints about Kamdyn’s performance at school for the first time.

Where It Began

Kamdyn is a student at Valley View Elementary School. He was not an overachiever as far as studies go, but he always received good grades. This was up until he came into second grade, after which things went downhill and he seemed to be getting a lot of complaints.

Letting Things Go

Initially, Chris assumed Kamdyn might not have studied or done his homework but every time, the comment or the remark left by the teacher seemed a bit more personal than he would have liked it to be. As upsetting as it would feel, Chris would choose to let it go assuming the teacher meant no harm and only wanted Kamdyn to do better.

Reaching Out

Kamdyn didn’t come downstairs for dinner that night. Chris, who was now getting seriously worried, decided it was time to talk things out. He took Kamdyn’s dinner to his room and knocked twice before hearing a little mumbled “come in”, he opened the door to find his son curled up in his bed.

Talk It Out

Kamdyn and Chris have shared a friendship for as long as he could remember. He always ensured Kamdyn is open with him and knows that he is always available to talk. So Kamdyn was not used to hiding things from his father. As a result, he decided to tell him all about what happened, over dinner.