When a group of best friends comes together, keeping a record of time gets almost impossible. When with our friends, we are up for any challenge or dare. The things we are scared to do alone, we’ll happily go for if our buddies are getting along on it. That night was going exactly as planned. Four friends were doing what they loved the most; skating. The dim lights and the almost empty parking lot was the best place they could get at that time to skate. But that night was about to take a risky turn soon and the guys have to make a choice, a life-changing choice.

Arnaud Nimenya

It was one evening at Calgary, Alberta and the first person who got his eyes on what was going on nearby was Arnaud Nimenya, 18 years old. Arnaud has always been up for adventures. An outstanding Soccer and Basketball player in his school. He called on his friend Carsyn Wright and asked him to do some tricks together. That’s when James Hielema and Starlyn Rives-Perez also joined in.

Something Strange

What they were doing wasn’t anything new rather it was the guys’ every other day’s schedule. After their school and other plans, they used to save some time for their skateboard practice. This used to be the best time of their day when they did what they liked the most with the people who had the same interest just like them. Well, soon it was going to be the time for them to return home. However, fate’s plan was different and it was going to take them to the POLICE STATION, not their homes!

Time To Go Home!Very Suspicious

When this group of four Canadian teens was all exhausted after the tough session of skateboarding for about one and a half hour, they decided to head towards their respective homes. That’s when they saw something that made them stop in the middle of the road. They stood by and watched it happen. None of the guys interrupted in what was going on…

Very Suspicious

They saw a man dressed in formals with a 15-year-old girl who seemed quite angry. The man was holding the girl’s arms tightly, forcing her to follow him. Obviously, she seemed unhappy about this. It wasn’t just the man’s forceful actions that were suspicious but something about this girl didn’t seem right too. What was it that made the teens all of a sudden so tensed?

“Please Help”

The teen skateboarders were seeing the man and the girl pass by their side and this girl was shouting at the man. She was not even looking at him but trying to get out of his grip and run away. While the man didn’t speak a word just looked in the front and kept moving ahead. Neither of the two noticed these guys standing there. So, what was this all about?

Dirty And Messy

Carsyn Wright, one of the teens said, “She was screaming and yelling. She just wanted to be out of there. She was all scuffed up and dirty.” This was unacceptable and they just couldn’t let the man take this girl away. But what if the man taking her was one of her knowns? Or her guardian? Or what if this guy was there with bad intentions? What if the girl’s life was in danger?