Whenever the residents think of changing their house after living in it for so long, the one thing that irks them is the trash that they have to deal with before moving out. After several years of residing at a place, the trash piles up more than the memories with the inmates. The memories might be quite pleasant for the residents and can overwhelm them but the trash, on the other hand, can give them severe headaches. Most of the time, people hope that they can turn the trash into treasure, but seldom that happens in real life. But what if you discover something from the trash that could put you in a dilemma whether you want to keep it or let it go at any minimal price?

A Normal Day

Rue Ferguson of Texas had just bought a new house and he was thrilled about moving into it with his family. But first, he had to deal with something that used to irk him a lot and that was the trash that had been accumulating since the time his grandparents had built the house. He was hoping to find something that could make him rich instantly because he knew the value of vintage artifacts were quite high. Would he be able to find something?

New House

He had been living in his ancestor’s house since he was a kid and later inherited the property from his parents. The house was very old and now when he had earned enough money that he could buy another one and sell this house. The property was quite old and he was estimating how much he could get when he would put it up for sale. Well, the property wasn’t the only thing that he had inherited from his ancestors. There was something else too which later gave him many sleepless nights.

The Painting

Along with all the trash that he had inherited from his great-grandparents there was a painting that his mother gifted before she passed away. He used to admit that he never liked the painting since the day he had seen it for the first time but his mother had great affection with that piece of art and he couldn’t understand the reason behind it. Still, when his mother gave the painting to him he took it with great respect.


He never considered the painting worth any value and thought about what he would get if he sold it in the market. The painting was really old and all its colors had faded with time. Rue Ferguson didn’t want to take the trash to his new house. He wanted to style his new house in a modern way. So he thought of contacting someone who could suggest him a way to get rid of the old painting.

Antique Painting

The old painting was hanging behind the door of Rue’s home office for years, but he didn’t know the history behind the painting. He had heard from his parents that his grandparents had bought the painting in Mexico City back in 1930, but he wasn’t told how old the painting was exactly. He realized that just because the painting was old, it didn’t mean that the painting could bring him an insane amount in return. He wasn’t even aware of the artist who had painted it.

Looking For Clues

Rue had to find out about the artist who had made this painting. He started looking for the signature on the painting so that he could find out about the artist and his famous works. The young man was now curious about the value of the painting. Luckily, the next day when he was listening to the news, he came to know that the Antiques Roadshow was coming to their town, this made him jump in excitement. He thought that now his problem was solved. Was it really so?