Single-Leg Deadlift Hop

This workout requires stamina as you start by standing on a bent left leg and hovering the right above the floor. Slowly squat your hips until your right-hand touches the floor. Then move your right leg backward, and do a front and side movement with the same knee. Take a short leap with the left leg and hop off before balancing on the same left foot. Repeat this process for 30 seconds and alternate your standing position.

Dumbbell Side Lunge And Touch

Hold a 10-pound dumbbell on both sides while standing with your feet closed. Stride the left leg sideways, put your balance on its heel. Lower your right knee above the left toes to form a squatting position with one leg. You will feel the pressure on your hips, hold for five seconds and slowly assume the starting position. Alternate the leg that carries the weight more and performs about 30 reps.

Sumo Burpees

Set your feet apart, and squat with both hands flat on the ground. Let both hands remain between your feet, and your knees in a squatting position. Lift the feet to an elevated plank position for some seconds and relax.

Barbell Split Squat

With your arms stretched sideways, hold across your shoulders between 20 to 30 pounds’ barbell. Lift your torso and take a step backward balancing on your right foot’s ball. Try to balance the weight of your body and barbell on both feet. Lower your left knee to 90 degrees and bend the other knees. Slowly transfer the weight to the other knee and reverse your position. You’ll need at least 10 reps on before alternating.

Back/Forward Squat Jumps

Assume a squatting position and stride both feet. Remain in this posture; hop each foot forward and backward alternately.


With the right side of your body on the floor, bend your knees and hips at an angle of 45 degrees. Place your left heel on the right heel and move your pelvis by raising your knees. Stay in this position for a few seconds before returning to the original position with the right heel on the floor.