Eczema is the redness of the skin an irritation which in case increased the situations can turn out to be horrible with cuts and swelling. Mothers always look out for remedies and one such thoughtful lady recently shared her experience on a page that we came across and further tried it for ourselves. So, here we are sharing a time savvy, easy and soothing remedy for eczema patients.

Just like most of us, the lady too spent a good amount of money on creams and lotions but nothing seemed to help her 14-year-old daughter’s eczema. The girl’s itchy scratches were now becoming deep cuts and were almost bleeding that’s when a friend of her mother, who is a nurse, suggested the rightful thing that was to be done and tried as the doctor’s medication wasn’t helping either.

It came to the lady as a big surprise because what she was looking for was always there in her shelf while she was spending money on the medication and her daughter still seemed no better. Vaseline, the $4 petroleum jelly one can get at every drug store also online, was the cure here. She looked for an overnight improvement in her daughter’s condition and within a month she was cured.Image result for vaseline

However, if you’ve already tried everything and nothing is working as a help this is the time for you can get prescription and medication.

“You need a prescription when everything else you’re doing isn’t working. You’re moisturizing, you’re using every OTC [treatment] you can find, you adjusted your diet and sleep, you’re drinking more water, and the itch has become intractable. Of the products that have been available, steroid creams and ointments have worked faster and given more immediate relief. The biologics are targeted and focus on the specific immune pathway that is out of sync. Sometimes testing is required before you start a biologic, and doctors may continue to monitor you for infections.” told Dr. Doris Day, MD, a dermatologist with Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City.